Synergetic range check error

Range check error

The Synergetic range check error is one of the most frustrating errors. It most often occurs when a new user or custom report is run from within the Synergetic application.

Synergetic do make mention of it in their documentation  but in our experience these suggestions have never really helped and/or don’t address what is actually causing the error.

Another suggestion to counter this error would be to run the crystal report outside the application. This is not always a practical or viable solution for many users as they would a least need the runtime files or a licenced copy of Crystal Reports.

We have found, after much testing, that this error generally occurs when tables from outside the standard synergetic database are accessed by the report.

Possible solutions

There are a number of ways to resolve this issue, but the first main problem is that the report causing the error will need to be completely removed from synergetic including any associated forms. It cannot simply be fixed in situ.

Once this has been completed a copy of the table from the external database will need to be created in the synergetic database. A job will need to setup to regularly update the data in this table. It is important to note creating a view that references an external table will also generate the same error.

Depending on the time sensitivity of the report will determine how often the data update job will be run to ensure that the table contains as close as real time data as possible.

The above solution from our experience seems to mostly solve this error, but there are occasions when the error occurs with no explanation whatsoever. In this case, unfortunately, removing the report and starting with a blank report then adding in components and datasets is the next best option and allows you to pinpoint what object is causing the error.