Synergetic Help-Synergetic support for schools

Synergetic is a database management system designed for schools and allied educational institutions. At ChallengerX we provide Synergetic support for schools. It is a popular choice among schools to deliver:

  • reporting
  • student management
  • future student and prospective student administration
  • alumni tracking
  • a full finance system

Synergetic has become so popular many companies are building separate products for schools to link into the Synergetic database.

Synergetic Database Crystal Reports

Many schools find that the standard suite of reports available, doesn’t quite fit their operations. Given the complexity and size of the database, building and changing reports can be a complex and difficult  task requiring an experienced developer. As newer versions of Synergetic are released with more functionality, the complexity of reporting will increase.

Synergetic Database Custom Forms

Synergetic has the ability to store custom data that might be specific to a particular school. Linking this data for viewing, adding and editing can be done via custom forms. Synergetic has a macro language to power these forms which needs to be mastered to make the forms useful. Another aspect of form building is creating filter boxes for reports.

Parent Portal and Synweb

The parent portal and synweb are the online components of the Synergetic database. They can be customised with a variety of settings that include authentication and user experience.  The parent portal  can be further developed to reduce administration for school staff and enhance security.


As a product it is here to stay. It offers schools a complete package to manage day to day operations. Much of the necessary custom work needs to be handled by experienced staff to be completed accurately and quickly.

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